Chef Day!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

today was definitely a wacky day!

slpt at 1am woke up at 5.18am
made some breakfast cause if I don't eat I would definitely fall back to sleep again
studied till 6.30am and went back to sleep ^^
woke up again at 8.49am as I was dreaming about a dentist calling out my name...lo and behold it was phuay fhern who was calling me...asking for some directions to the exam hall or something XD
showered went for the exam

i already told myself that i would not ever cry for academic reasons after my paper, me and pao suk went to Teso Extra. Although it was a long walk as told...but it was quite alright..I needed the walk after all

both of us laughed our heads off for goodness knows what haha...but it was good =D

we bought a whole lot of stuff!! and I think I got enough stuff to last me through till Dec?? haha..good I won't starve if I'm too lazy to do anything...can you believe that I actually still have food from the first month?'s my second month now by the way ^^
plain lazy to do anything at times...hehe

fast forward: so today I'm the chef!
will post up pictures later ^^

Menu of the Day:-
Caviar on Toast
Tom Yum Bee Hoon
Potato Salad
Pearly Green Beans with Ice Cream

First off, the dessert it just came up impromtu..haha..and it taste pretty good actually! It's just basically green beans + sago 'tong sui' (sweet water, its a dessert soup) and I made it thicker so it's not too watery. Left it to cool and than before serving, got scoops of vanilla ice-cream and than poured the 'tong sui' over it. Which was pretty interesting concoction.
You taste the warmth of the 'tong sui' and than a tinge of coldness starts as the ice-cream dissolves in your mouth XD lovely!

Potato Salad was good!! Thanks to Kah Yee and Wen Jiun which helped to prepared it =)
Rather a simple dish ^^
Potatoes, eggs, mayo & seasoning with herbs & spices to taste =)

Caviar on toast: yummy! Added the extra touch to my whole menu ^^
I just simply buttered the bread, cut into squares, oven it.
Layer a slice of cheese and lemon and than top it off with caviar (John West: the only one available)

Tom Yum Bee Hoon: Mum's recipe of course. Anything that is continental would usually be was just quite I think it didn't have enough of the oomph there...not because of her recipe haha but I didn't have a big enough pan and was too lazy to add in the extra taste. Not spicy enough too...darn...should have added in more tom yum cubes -_-

Quite pleased with today's result although it can be much better...welp a BIG thanks to my housemates and my neighbors who have helped out in every way ^^

PiCTURES!! up soon...hehe....try not to salivate on your keyboard. ^^