Wednesday, July 25, 2007

When I was younger, I always wondered what it was like having a twin. Used to think that it was pretty neat than, having someone to be able to think like you at times, impersonating you when the need arise ^^ I still think that it's cool though BUT the only set back would be the comparison part...

Used to be a time where cloning was a big hype. But I think having another clone of me, would prove to be disastrous. haha. My lecturers & the people around me would definitely agree with that statement! Having one of Fionna Tan is more than than enough! I have no choice but to agree with it! Haha. I don't fancy having another me either. Doubt that I can stand myself that much.

...I've come to terms that there's a lot of people who looks like each other but there's never an exact same type of people in this world. I may look like someone, act like someone, and even the way I think may be like someone but never the same. Ain't that just relieving to know? That you are you and I am me. =)

Never really fancied being compared to another simply because I like being me =) So I don't have to be someone else or try to be someone else. I don't see a point in that. After all, I'm the only Fionna Tan in this world, so why try to be someone else? When I'm made to be me? XD

starting to get sleepy...just felt like using my iSight to snap a picture of myself..about 200pages of FMT 2 to read ^^ everyone seems to be saying that I'm so cool and calm about exams. I don't look like I'm having any stress at all. My housemates have concluded that it's just Fionna. haha. People don't believe me even if I say that I'm stressed.?. So am I? Well off and on..haha..can't really be bothered by it. Unnecessary strain on myself. But I do get stressed about my academics too cause it makes me sit in my room with no human interaction!
There was only once and will be only ONCE that I was so caught up in academics.
welp I know what I wanna do plus I'm in tertiary education, I know where my life is heading towards and it's definitely not in the line of me pursuing in the field of academics. I hire people for that =)


ArcherbabE said...

wow... 'I hire people for that'...
that sounds like classic words of someone successful...

good luck in that!

Fionna Tan said...

haha XD

oh's Fionna Tan after all
...can't expect anything less =p

neat picture btw ^^