people in your life

Sunday, July 22, 2007

It's interesting how some people can just waltz into your life and turn your life upside down (good or bad) and your life never became the same again...even after the person might have journeyed down another path..

The people might be your long lost aunt, a buddy, a teacher, a pastor, a friend or even an enemy. It's been said that people can change us but what's true to it, it's that we made that decision to allow them to change us. =) So bottom line, the choice is in our hands.

I've been blessed to have had and have many wonderful people journeyed into my life, some became my buddies, some became people whom I admire, some became my mentors, some became my a part of my life. Some of them have journeyed down paths that's different than mine but my life is what it is because of them.

We are connected in this big wide globe. Am sure some of you have heard before of the 6 degrees connection. Simply says, each and every living being is connected to each other through a network which extends up to 6 people. So, that means whoever you are reading this, I may not have met you before but you and I are connected through my friend's friend's friend's friend's friend. ^^ This is research based result and I didn't crap this up. All you need to do is just to take a look at friendster, click on someone you don't know and you will be surprised that, that person is connected to you somehow. Of course provided that your network is big enough since not every living being is registered on friendster =)

Today I received an email from my buddy =) which literally brightened up my day. Simply because it's just so amazing to know how your life personally can also change someone's life itself. To know that you are being missed, that your presence is felt while you were there. It really makes my day!

Maybe because I open up all to easily and can talk to you for hours without even knowing your name. Maybe because I'm not afraid to meet new people and allow people into my life. Maybe because I know that while doing that, I tend to get hurt easily by people since I'd opened up my life. And I think it's cool to love people even though when one of them hurt me before. It's just that one after all...or maybe 2,3,4..but the whole world is out there.

One thing I'm sure of, that it's simply because of God in my life and the assurance that I have in Jesus. That allows me to be who I am today. Thought I know I ain't perfect and far from it but I'm learning. I'm who am I? That's for you to find out =) maybe I'll get someone to author my life some day..but prior to that, in good timing, you'll know who I am.

Striving for excellence in life because I only have one life to live! Too much is been done on the cross for me to not live life to the fullest! And to live my all for Christ!

I have found something and I have found my way. Have you?