Sunday, July 22, 2007

this is like the first time in my entire life of 21years plus, in which I tried sleeping twice!

usually it hardly takes me 2mins to sleep but today or rather tonight or whatever, I can't sleep!! Dead tired and brain drained, however sleep was not an option tonight.

my mind managed to rummage through all the thoughts that have not been processed for weeks...

I think that my brain needs to do some sorting out of itself, to try to un-clutter it. something like defragmentation.

so back up again, with my FMT 1 (formulation, manufacture & testing) in front of me. trying to put something into my brain. they gotta think that we are robots or something...

i managed to find out a lack in the course but apparently nobody pays much attention to it...oh well i guess that sometimes things are just of such and you just have to cope with it

gonna look like crap this few weeks..with odd hours of sleep and the lacking of it

still putting the word 'fun' into perspective according to my definition ^^

now this would sound more like a blog eh? XD

doing simply too many things to blog everything on it...^^
having a blast here in Glasgow despite all the on-goings in regards with academics
oh yea got used to the weather..unless i'm in my comfy room (simply the best in JBC, click on the link to check it out..fionna-lized it more but no update pics YET) than I would deject a request of walking in the drizzle :) far the people that walks into my room are rather surprised that i'm playing eng I mean chinese songs..-__- i'm not thattt bad..haha
over here the connection is superb!! so i'm just streaming it from imeem without any lag at all ^^ (envy? muwahaha)

oh yea...i should be posting up some food pics soon enough =)
BECAUSE yesterday I was the chef of the day! haha
I cooked lasagna, cajun-style potato wedges & salad ^^ which was simply superb (my mates commented k? =p)
Wai Meng, "Fionna what are you doing in pharmacy?!"
Alicia, Leah & Phuay Fhern, "This simply beats Homes (a restaurant which was pretty good I think)"
everyone was happy so it's good ^^ haha cooking is in my genes what can I say? XD

anyone I got the lasagna and wedges recipe off the net from which is a good place for me
as for the salad = my own concoction. surprisingly it turned out very well!! haha
show you all later the pics and the recipes too ^^

alright just a bit of more reading and off to bed!