P105: Train Ticket Offer

Thursday, July 26, 2007

heya ppl!

guess most of you would be mugging away in your rooms with the 4 walls around you...
the bed occasionally hails you to take a nap
the laptop occasionally tempts you to surf around, play some games (DoTA-ing via wi-fi), watch a movie, listen to music, etc..oh yea not forgetting reading blogs (like what you are doing now =p

anyways got this train ticket offer that Junie (senior) is asking me to spread the word out.
"the train ticket cst 60 pounds. You can hope on any rail except national rail.
It is 4 days unlimited ride to anywhere in UK.( does not have to be consecutive days)
For non-british passport holders.
use within 2 months.
can sit anywhere except first class seats
it is really a very good deal if u do consider as one way ticket from glasgow to london already cost 15 pounds if i am not wrong.
For me, i used it too travel from london lake district then lake district to edinburgh then to london all within one day so i saved a lot."

so if you're interested email Junie: dlooneyz@yahoo.com

*past years are useful*