Thursday, July 12, 2007

well with this playing in my background..

Definitely suppose to study now...with tests and 101 of those stuff coming up SOON...I'm still slacking around..chilling a whole lot...XD

First time ever in my academic life in which I started sleeping in lectures =) there's always a first for everything ^^ after all if I don't do it now, I won't have anymore chance to do XD

Slept at 3am yesterday...could hardly wake up this morning...was not playing this time =p haha...lemme tell you my story first

finish class early...came back home...went online to look up for jobs cause I want something easy at the same time & office jobs..so I'm rather that's why it's taking up so much of my time browsing through...pray that I can get a good job with a good pay! XD than went out to Uncut
(later on I'll show you my new church! super cool but you can check it out first)
than came back from Uncut, my batchmates and some seniors and some New Mercies church ppl were having BBQ ^^ so off I went to join them..haha free food wert after all plus the people are niceee =)

finish BBQ-ing, played frisbee cause I needed the exercise, ate soo much haha..until all of a sudden someone called my name out of no where!

haha to my utter amusement, it was Eunice (my lab-partner) and we were scheduled to have a discussion at 8:30pm, when she was hailing me out from her flat window, it was already 9:30pm haha..i sincerely totally forgot about it XD

so off I went, said thanks and bye, grabbed my bag, run back home, grab my book and off I went for the lab discussion ^^ I was smelling of SMOKE! what to do..no time to bath

Before I left I told them that I had to go for lab discussion now in which I totally forgot..hehe..their reply was, "aiyo00 you are, play soo much until you forgot about studying" haha..I just laugh and went off...oh well totally so ME hehe

so yea...we started about 10pm plus...ended only at about 2am...but thank GOD we finished one lab...so it's good...oh yea..mid-way we (anson, my lab-partner too) decided to give Julian (IMU buddy) a wake up call XD

ahh all in the name of fun...was talking to my daddy earlier on...and he ask me to sleep...I said oook...but than now I think I need to cover a few more pages of FMT 1 ..I hope I can finish it in time!!

lalalala ...sem 6 stress?..look at me...haha...but I'm kinda quite anxious about it toooo...but than I can just imagine Prof. Peter Pook telling me, " aiyah, Fionna you don't bullshit me la"
*ka-dish* like what my batch-mates would say,"He knows you too well already but maybe not as much as Dr. Kang"


haha....loving life...ahh sleepy!! haha...study first study first