A first for everything

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Is it ever possible to get negative marks in an exam? Of course!

haha..welp today is my first in my academic life in which I got either a -10 or 0 for my Pharmacy Practice 3 Class Test.

You start off with a 100marks and than they'll just keep deducting it until they are satisfied XD

My mistakes are not major ones though...and some of the marks deducted it practically illogical but than again who am I to say? I'm not the marker after all...

Oh well...I can't beat my mentor's marks that's for sure but I sure hope that I can get an exemption for this paper! ^^

wheee not too much bothered about it...since it does not affect my degree after all...it's just a practice LIKE they SAY.

However it's pretty inconsistent the whole system of teaching by itself. During our practices they should always use the exam standards and not just ok everything during our exercise and than say it's not possible for our exams.

tsk tsk tsk...they can work on a lot of things for us to get a better grade. =)

oh well