Peanut Butter N Oats

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

welp I guess you'll be seeing a lot of spontaneous recipes around here XD since now I gotta cook for more mummy to get me food =p

and if you've got any good ones do feel free to share it here =)

Yesterday I was hungry and lazy at the same time ...than Alicia suggested that I eat some oats...and I'm not really a fan of oats, so I decided to improvise and come up with something nice!

First of, mixed the oats with milk..but not too much since I don't like it watery.

Than I add in honey to sweeten it..pop it into the microwave to heat it up...and than I added some peanut butter ^^

yummmy!!! give it a good mix and it's ready to it!! Too bad I was quite full by the time I thought of putting in ice-cream. Mmmmmm so next time I would definitely add in ice-cream XD I think it'll taste superb!!

I should definitely get a pic next time =)



cYbeR FiSh said...

brought any maggi mee curry?pop in a piece of cheese into it while u cook...taste like kimgary cheese curry...TRUST ME!(coz nobody did...until i cooked for them n they tasted it)

Fionna Tan said...

ahhh good good...nvr thought of tht!! haha will definitely give it a go XD

Anonymous said...

i liked ur fruit salad u gave me thx! ^^
~> ur saint =P

Anonymous said...

put raisins in yr oats together with peanut butter n voila u no longer have tastelessness in every bite. cheap too

Fionna Tan said...

hey yea!! thts a great idea putting raisins in it XD I just gotta go grab a packet of raisins =)