me me me

Friday, July 6, 2007

well although I should very well be studying now...I'm just reorganizing my photos..sorting everything out nicely you know ^^

and yes I wanna show off my super cool ID card! Love it! looks better than IMU's card =p oh yea..I only recalled when I was in the airplane that I was suppose to pass to Chi Fei my metallic lanyard it's like sitting in my car or rather in my room gathering dust XD

well buddy, if you still want it can drop by my place to collect ^^ since I already told you that I'm gonna give you hehe

and to ME

just a lil something else to show =)
as the years passes we all grow & change. what used to be our favorite food might not be any more. and people who used to be so close may not be any more & vice versa. it's interesting how our lives changes over the years. how one can grow so much and change so much over the course of time. time ticks and never returns. we all must strive to change for the better for we only have one life to live after all. just this once to make an impact in this world. just this once to live a life here on a earth.

i have changed much over the course of time. thank God that it's for the better =) it's never too late to start changing. habits can be broken. lives can transform. it's all in your power of choice to do so. and i never said it was easy. but with God all things are possible ^^

man...i'm getting sleepy...I think I need a shower to wake me up a bit so that at least I can flick through a few pages of NMR XD