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Saturday, July 28, 2007

So here it is =) *last post I told you that I'll be posting it up*
the pictures of my cooking ^^ and those above are mates who were the beneficiaries of my cooking genes XD

Lasagna (click for recipe) but I did some amendments to it hehe to make it nicer ^^ this would have to depend on your taste buds haha

Cajun-style wedges (click for recipe) mm all the recipes I've obtained from the net requires some adjustments hehe cause I always like to Fionna-lized things XD

Fio's Salad: my own concoction ^^
- Cabbage
- Broccoli
- Raisins
- Apples
- Ham
- Bread
- feel free to add anything of your own favorites ^^

1. Bread --> you would need to cut it up into cubes. I used the skin cause it was the left overs when PF was making the bread pudding (though I like my bread pudding with the bread skin in it too). After cutting it up into cubes, oven bake the bread. This would give it a good crispy taste.

2. Set it aside and let it cool.

3. Cut up the broccoli and cabbage, blanch it in boiling water. Not too long because you don't want it to be all soft, some crunch in it will be good. Drain the water, set it aside.

4. Cut up the ham into squares, stir fry. This will give it a good fragrance & brings out the flavor.

5. Apples --> I used red, this would make the dish looks nicer =) Cut it up into cubes. Don't cut it up too early though as when left for too long will turn brown.

6. Toss everything in together. Add the bread cubes last just before being served.

I didn't put any dressing for it because the wedges and lasagna already have a heavy seasoning, so we needed something fresh to blend in with the whole meal. =)

All based on your own estimation ^^ Not too user friendly for beginners I know, sorry about that. But I just roughly estimated it =D More is always better than less, you could always give some away when there's too much. hehe. Never throw! XD

everyone had a scrumptious dinner!! Ate till they were stuffed to the brim =)

where did my cooking genes come from??
Grandad (Father's side): Chef in the NAFI (british army while they were colonizing Malaysia)
Grandma (Mother's side): Chef in all her own ways ^^ specialized in Malaysian Chinese traditional food
Mummy: Simply a great cook
Daddy: Simply a great food lover

So I've got the best of western and eastern food, all my life!

*no time to do anything fancy with my pictures, though i don't really like the design of the layout haha..but no choice la*


bigrich said...

The food looked good except for the wedges were a bit too dark. You make us proud.


bigrich said...

hi dear,
still think dat french toast dont put flour,cos bread is aready made of flour, so next round no need la.


Fionna Tan said...

haha yea...the wedges ..didnt manage to get a good picture of it...didn't bother as i was too hungry XD

and if you click on the picture, you can view a bigger picture of it =)

well mum if i don't put flour than it's gonna too diluted ^^ so need to add in the flour to thicken it =)