can't help it...

Monday, July 30, 2007

the infamous heads of all emotions = according to Fionna Tan ^^
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anyway this is definitely not what I am going through now XD but I think it's like 95% of what my batch-mates are going through...
"STRESSED" is the common reply you'll get if you ask anyone of them, how are they doing...

Just can't help but post a blog on it..haha...cause today was out the whole day ^^ it is a Sunday after all...and than Phuay Fhern my house-mate was like, "Why you come back so late???"
"After your dad sure nag you wan" "Quickly go study now"

PF: Fionna I'm very stressed la
ME: huh? why? ...oops wrong question not haven't finish studying r?
PF: like NOoooo
ME: oooook haha

selamba-nya (chilled, laid back)
ahh loving life in Scottie ^^
Everyone can kill me...but I'm kinda enjoying sem 6 haha
oook now to pass my FMT2 class test ...with another 40odd more pages to go!

wheeeeee I've got a new family =) new friends =) new buddies? ^^
my housemates rocks, my house is clean and tidy and smells neighbors rock too XD
'pao suk' (which means corn in cantonese) is my neighbor, she keeps laughing so loud till her other hse-mates thinks she's crazee =p haha well I only play a minor part in contribution XD

laughter is the best medicine - can't live a day without it -