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Monday, March 5, 2007

ahh's working at last..just now tis place wasn't workin..

i'm gonna blog at two places at once =)
the other one is called siblings affair...its in friendster...can just check it out from there
basically about what I did last week...that sooo many ppl did not see me online and in Uni ^^ from the 25th Feb - 1st Mar

Now back to my topic
It was a superb! Great! Wonderful! Awesome Day!! haha...i make it a point to have fun and enjoy it what ever event that I organized ^^ that's the whole point right?..after all it's MY day..
6th February 1985

The day the whole world rejoices as I was born into this world. Not only that, the heaven rejoices and the angels were singing too XD.. I only tell the truth after all..haha

welp...came back help around the there's gonna be bout a 100 or so people coming to my place =) so i help decorate and rearrange the place a and dere...light up the candles...i like candles ^^ really changes the whole environment while adding a nice soft touch to it...was suppose to type out my i can get it all done but you would have read earlier in my blog..that it did not turn out that way..

i had a real blast that day!..having all my friends over...chilling out with different groups of ppl...while giving out my invites..only did i realized that I actually know a lot of ppl..and thank GOD a lot of them are my friends..not only ppl whom i just "know" ^ ^ God is good! His favors and blessings abounds in my life...friends are life's greatest gifts from the One above ;)

side track:not bad i really can blog at 2 places at once..haha

well...i do easily get side uni-mates can literally vouch for that..hehe total i gave out about 200+ invites?...that also a big bunch of them had already left Uni for other places -_- but it was fun! hehe...ahh but to those who did not manage to receive my would just have to make a greater effort in getting to know me..or rather give me the opportunity to know you! so I won't leave you out...haha..chill la...can't always take things personal after would just be such a waste if that would be the case for time for that!

it's cool...since i like ATTENTION...haha...ppl everywhere wishing my happy burfday..and the best part is that it last for a good whole week and even more!! ^ ^

man to those who came I really appreciate it to the max!!!...some of us were having exams to time..and yet despite it all ...YOU TOOK THE TIME TO COME!! that by itself is really GREAT of you...really am honored by all of your presence!!! really really really am...hehe....sooo happy that you came & I hope that all of you had a great time yourself ^ ^

so...people started coming in...slowly at first..and than proceeded on to crowds..hehe..havta go to the lrt station to pick up a group of 20 over of them..MAN that was like the coolest whole bunch of them..n there's like this group of them who walks & talks like a bunch of notorious group...haha...but who have the hearts of gold =).. reliable, friendly, funny, nice, n i love chillin out with them!!

i can make a video out of it we were like a gang walking towards my house...that was REALLY FUN...hehe...

loads of ppl to shake hands receive presents!!! haha one of the highlights of a party is to receive presents!!!!! XD of my lecturers turned up...mmm surprised and not too surprised at the same time...haha...dr. kang yew beng...was really nice of him to turn up..and bringing along a chocolate gateau..which was really everyone was raving about it!!..since now he's still my lecturer...can't blog so much about him just yet..although it's not bad stuff...but we shall just have to wait and see more about him later on =) he's a good lecturer & it's fun having him as my added strong spice into my Uni life

the night was blessed! as it was not raining thank God for that! when almost everyone arrived...had my speech , than food...everyone was raving about it as well
after just light and easy...pure socializing...
oook now i can start posting up some shots

*photographer: my lil bro =)
videographer: elliot my pal

L to R: phuay fhern, alicia & voon yuen (my basketball buddy)
these ppl smart..came early...took pictures with me first ^ ^ so this is like my first shot for the day! mmm...i think right the rest of the pictures i'll post up in another blog..too many ady..haha

i should add some description to it...haha...tht's my room =)
phuay fhern is one of my buddies ...whom i hang out a lot with..talkin crap..and she always distracts me and ask me to go here & there with her just because i'm her friend :p haha

alicia: smart...although she might not look like it..but heck she is smart..haha...easy going..good to have her!

voon yuen: basketball thank God for her!! if not i've got no one to play bball with anymore! and she's GOOOD XD nice girl =)

Here would just be some random pictures of my friends =). Outside my house and yea that's my head. prominent ppl are the B104s

my batchmates =)

just some bit of deco at my porch =) the frame .. mum made it..has all my pictures in it..since i was a baby ^^

my juniors. P106s my batchmates =)

my friends =)..mixed d the ppl
all waiting to get their food...everyone is HUNGRY

top view =)

friends at the gate:B104s n P106s

relatives .d front kid on the buddies lil broonly thing i had a lot was water tht nite.

B105s LtoR.Hung Heng (L with white band), Alen, Phang, err he's gonna kill me.d name just SLIPPED.haha WAYNE!! i literally had to check d birthday card :p life style
my cream cheese carrot cake.mummy baked.yummieee
they are singing for ME
unfortunately ryan&sharon is still in it's just d 4 of us =) my parents is d coolest n rox big time.lil bro is one of a kind special ^^

more friends!mum,dad,me.DrKang at front left

Dr.K cutting his gateau(french for cake) it taste way better thn it looksXD
ahhh at last...this post is done...gotta have another one..for group & personal shots ..another one for my gifts!..gosh this is time consuming =]
study sleep...check both sides of my blog to get a good read of everything^^


shee mei said...

Wow Fionna girl... did u just get an afro? Looks quite cool hahaha.... XD

Fionna Tan said...

shee mei!! surprised to see u here..haha..gimme more time n i'll re-furbish this whole blog to have it more presentable!! XD

yup..i frizzed me hair ^^ did it since last year Dec or so...

shee mei said...

looking forward to it^^ hehe...