quick post

Thursday, February 8, 2007

alrite...now this is just a rather quick post... i'm gonna post up some pics of the presents that I got and the ppl who gave them...as I'm still in the process of thanking the individuals personally XD

nothing better than the personal touch to it!!

i just decided to post up bits n pieces up today....drafts of my speech were already saved up in Word..so I just copied and paste cause Ivy wanted to have a look at it ^^

now it's time to study....whn is it not the time to study??....XD
there's really no such thing as not the right time to study...but than again there is...i'm just bouncing off thoughts..to contradict it....however it's highly not advisable to do it with just anyone...cause people will get annoyed at you... :p


Ivy said...

WAhh!!! Your party's so BIG. Biggest ever ha... k larh.. i'll be back.. c ya soon! :D

Fionna Tan said...

lol...i am still not use to checkin me blogs for comments n updatin it regularly..hehe...gonna make a shout up soon enuf..easier to check..
cant wait to see u la V..gotta study for tomorrow's paper!!!