draft 2: birthday speech

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Good evening everyone!!

First and foremost, thank you sooo much for taking your time to grace this special day for me with your presence. I’m very very much happy and honored with you being here.

There’s so much running in my head about what I wanna say tonight but than I don’t want to say too much either…its not fun listening to one person speak all the time =)

So I’ve decided to condensed everything to something simple…just a lil’ something in which I’ve written down so that I don’t waver off …hehe

So many have crossed my path in life

And everyone that does leave something behind

Apart of them makes a mark in my journey called life

Some stay with me longer than the other

Some enriched mine more than the other

To each and everyone of you that came pass my way

It’s a great delight having you along in this journey

What would life be without friends?

I always tell people that my life in Uni is great

And it can get pretty happening too

It’s all because of each and every one of you that made my life in Uni simply wonderful

The intricacies of life

It’s always a delight having a friend where ever you go

And I thank God that all of you made my life in IMU great!

21 years has passed

With no regrets I live my life

With God by my side nothing is impossible

For the Creator above