draft 1: birthday speech

Monday, February 5, 2007

There’s just so much that I want to say yet words somehow don’t seem adequate…

To make it short and simple but yet it still doesn’t seem to right…

So here’s just a lil’ something I came up with…

Life is IMU is perfectly wonderful, I think.

It’s not because my dream was to be in Med school

Nor is it because that IMU is such a great campus…

Nor is it that my life has no troubles at all…what kinda life would that be??

I can say life in IMU is great simply because of YOU

Yup! Each and everyone of you that I know…err although I’ll havta admit that names are not my thing…but but but…you played a part in making my life great in Uni…some even go to the extend of forcing me to memorize their name…and wouldn’t let me go until I can get the name right

Stuff happens…people break your hearts…you go head to head with someone…you don’t get along with some…you dislike some people…and there are some people who just gets on your nerves….yup I have met people like that in Uni…however I still do appreciate their existence…for they show me my imperfections after all I’m just a human

But still I daresay…that life in Uni is simply great!...you know the best part is that I already knew that my life in Uni would be great and nothing lesser than what I had in college!! And that is what I got…I choose to decide even before I get into Uni so that no circumstances would hinder me from having a great time of my life in IMU!

Friends are such a blessing in my life!! And I really thank God that I have you as my friend…or at least I hope that you are my friend =)

One of my mates commented that I’m having such a big party…and said yea…I like parties and most of all I like people!! I can go to the extend of making a new friend everyday… I think some of you can bear testimony to that…on how I met some of you.

A few friends commented that everywhere I go… I seem to be either waving at somebody or saying hi to someone…some even went to the extend of not believing when I told them that when I came into IMU I did not know a single soul at all…