Chemo Progress Day 11 - 16

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

So far Pavel is doing great! :D
Praise God! ;)

Day 11 was much better than Day 10, as Day 10 was one of his worst day! Body aches, temperature, profuse sweating...oh only thing was that no nausea/vomiting ;)
His bones were painful at night of Day 10, so didn't get much sleep. I decided to give him ibuprofen and oxazepam, pretty handy with a pharmacist background ;D but of course I did my reading first prior to giving him the medication. Had already given him paracetamol earlier on but to no avail did it help soothe his bone aches. And I found out that ibuprofen is good for bone aches.

At last he managed to sleep =)

Day 11 he woke up feeling much better :) just a bit tired that's all. But at least not so much aching in his body. Much lesser compared to Day 10. So ibuprofen is still being taken.

Day 12 - 16: Feeling great!! No pills at all :)

I do suppose that eating well prior to chemo also helps a lot. And off and on, I do give him additional supplements to take. Nonetheless, I would need to read up more on supplements and chemotherapy, as some of it may just worsen the situation and it may help the cancerous cells instead. So for now, I stick with the safest one and go with RDA standards.

Today is Day 17! The last jab for Cycle 1 :) Blood test is done today and tomorrow we will get the results out and see whether Cycle 2 can be commence the next week :)
UPDATE: Day 17 hair fall noticeable!

The Epic Story begins...