Day 4 Chemo, Cycle 1

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Today all's well :) Praise God!

By now Pavel is getting used to it all :)
We only had to change the cannula today, as it was leaking, thank God it was running on normal saline that time...and I saw it dripping it out =)

Pavel's also on lots of anti-emetics and 1 antidepressant...I guess it helps as he's not feeling nauseous at all :)

Day 1, 2 3: Emend tabs
Daily: Hexal (metaclopramide) 10mg tabs TDS
& in his infusion he also gets Cerucal 2 amps

Anti-depressant: Neural (alprazolam) 0.25mg TDS
At first we didn't take the Hexal and Neural but the nurse advised to take it cause it'll definitely come pray that it never comes ;)

One more day and Cycle 1 will be completed! =)

Today it's not snowing anymore...and looks like Christmas is not gonna be white as the weather forecast it to be sunny instead! oh well we had a day yesterday of it's good :)

Now all we want for Christmas, literally Pavel's miracle =)

Love you people who have been so very kind :)

Oh I'll probably talk on the health diet too later on ;)
Been experimenting a lot with food, to ensure that healthy stuff taste just as good ..will pop in some ideas..can't really give an exact recipe cause I never measure it out and stuff :D

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