clinical trial study 2

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

well since I didn't post up anything on the first clinical trial would be quite good to post this up ^^

my second round of study...hopefully I don't get fever this time =p

alright background info:
Osteoporosis drug
Objective: testing a new formulation --> effervescent and tablets
so generally the drug is already in the market but now they would like to produce a different formulation to see how this new formulation (effervescent) works.
Downside: invasive --> nasal tube insertion into your stomach to monitor the pH levels.that's how the tube looks like and this has to be attached to me till 3pm

how does it feel? annoying as there is a tube in my throat...I can feel it each time I swallow..
and than for the first time round, I got a pretty bad hopefully I don't get it this time XD

plus points: i get paid! about £120plus for a day 7am - 3pm
i get wifi connection so I can clear up my stuff from the last 2 months!!

so much has been happening that I don't even have time to blog all about it!~

ok back to this study
I think I'm taking the tablet this time round, as the last time round I got effervescent which tasted pretty good I must say but took ages to completely move out from my stomach

so I should be taking the tablet at 11am..the faster it goes out from my stomach the sooner I get to drink a glass of smoothie ( my only food since 10:30pm yesterday)
oh yea another point to note ..for the whole 24hours yesterday, I was not allowed to take in alcohol or caffeine...normally it wouldn't be a prob but it's like after exams...intake of alcohol is a norm over here as they don't have teh tarik and it is highly expensive to get a cup of coffee XD

rights lazy to blog now....wanna do other stuff first...shall blog later XD