The RaNdOmNeSs lives on!!!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


alas a super highly interesting post by FIONNA TAN...haha blog's been pretty crappy...nothing interesting lately...cause...first off..too lazy to post up...coz of too much work or party?...thn some of it..i don't wanna let the whole world know about it =p
but than...I thought of my mates..who are far from me....and I can't possibly keep up with everyone all at the same HERE it is...just a wee bit into my life...that all my mates should know and read and have a good laugh!!! XD

OK..the thought of it is still giddying in my head..and i'm literally bursting with surrealness hahaha....wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
my dream came true?
totally ecstatic about it..hahahaha.....i don't even get this excited for my graduation!!!!!!!


guess? guess? i killing you with the suspense???

awwww common....hahhaa

what can make me go this wacky???


ok ok...i'm still sane...probably my housemate might not agree with me...akakaka

but trust me...i am still most of the ways at least ^^

ok first let me tell you how this whole random-ness begins...muwhahaa
and i can hear you say...about time!!! SPILLL it!!!

first off...this week itself (btw my hsemates always claims that i do random stuff anyways =p
i had a cookout with one of my scottish buddies...another wacky we were started off cooking..but prior before that..night before i only slept like 3hours
thn i had to wake up for my GP attachment in Maryhill Health Centre which was superb!!

What i did there was basically...sit in the doctor's room, talk to him and than when the patient is in, see how he deals with the patient...and all...which was pretty cool....
i had very interesting patients!!!
suicidal n depression ..hehe..i just find it funny =p n thn eczema...a baby...hypertension..a yellow lady = jaundice...quite cool la

the doctor worked for an hour..than it was tea time!!! wheeee..a pharm. company rep was there = a good spread of food!!! we had some sandwiches thn a cuppa..thn back to office thn it's a wrap!~

so we went to tesco coz needed to buy stuff for my cookout...thn my buddy came n picked us (me n my mate) up...went to a chinese shop called Chung Ying...which was sooo cool!! I nearly forgot what on earth I have been missing out all these while!!!! ALL THE FOOOOOD but oh well...i'm still good yea after tht back to my flat for THE COOKOUT

had loads of nonsensical laughters while buddy was like having the time of his life using the cleaver to chop up the pork...oh yea.we cooked bak kut teh and belacan beans n carrots ^^
food was apparently superb my scottish mate said...but not spicy enuf for me la...n thn we were dead the soup also not tht tasty for me la...haha...i just have high expectations =p the soup later on i kept it on low heat for like more thn 24hours n all the herbs taste were extracted n it was superb!!! super kau haha

ok we cooked a whole lot..coz my 2 other buddies were suppose to come (i planned) hehe but thn they just moved one was working..another ws doin up the my scottish buddy here who cooked with me suggested tht we shud just bring the food over..which was brilliant n all fine by ME

so tht's wat we DID =D

first off..told my buddy who was working..asked for address...looked up google map..n specifically said...ok u check the directions...n make sure u get it down k
thn we had some chinese tea n we left for my other buddies

SO...we went...thn my super brilliant down the details of the directions i said ok lemme see...n do u know what on earth he wrote???....just the street names n one turn right into another street name...i was like??!!!?!?! This is not a map!!! or a direction!!!
so i saw the map..and i am good with i said tis is the road...he said ahh it's he went...n true enuf...i was laughin my head off..coz it's the wrong road! n it was like 6pm = rush hour...n we were on the highway...but thk GOD our direction is not too i was like saying..ok we need to find another way to get to our destination by avoiding the highway..if not will just be stucked

so we went along..thn he took the wrong exit..ka-dish!!!!! we were heading for Stirling!!!!!!! totally wrong direction!!!...both of us were laughing... tht is random-ness no. 1
random-ness ROAD TRIP so after like what was suppose to be a 12min drive took us like 30mins!

arrived at the workplace..saw my buddy =D totally love her!! thn talk talk talk...laugh laugh laugh...i laughed my head off with her giving the directions to the hse...coz buddy 2 was in d hse hungry...poor off we went to d talk talk..he ate...laugh laugh laugh
thn i stayed to paint the house = random-ness no. 2 n poor leslie hehe had to go gym all by herself XD coz i was suppose to gym with her...but thn...random-ness took its course..hehehe

so we painted the living hall ...until like 3am only i baru reach home XD
had pizza hut for a break...thn cont. to paint
it was good fun!!!!!!!
it has been such a looooooong time since i last did this kinda stuff =D
n the hall look superb!! hehehe

ok so tht was tht

the MOST random thing i ever done in my time here in Glasgow has occurred today!~

today's my last day of lecture!!! officially all done!! whooo hoooo no more lectures for Fionna Tan!! wheeeeeee
so took photos..check out facebook P105
than went for lunch....subway....thn went to the chill for awhile..thn sleepy...came home
thn do some distracted haha
thn head off lib do some quiz thingy...with Al n Stevo
got it talk talk...laugh laugh laugh..wacky la the 3 of us together XD
thn Fionna Tan instigated this brilliant idea of random-ness
due to another story...can't tell here la...if not too long d..haha
so i suggested we go for a trip becoz bottom line i can't go to Greece ok...we say let's check it out

so we looked it out..thn i said..WHY NOT we do a random one??..pick a place where we never heard of before..n just buy a ticket n fly there?!!? Al n Stevo said alright!! thn yuppers we look look look..ryanair had some cheap we look some more...spotted the name Oslo...didn't even know where it googled it up to see what it's like we were like..hey it's quite nice!
so we went n booked it...thn hesitated..ok why not we do it on another day?..thn talk talk talk..thn Al said..why not we just book it now..n whoever wants to go can just come along thn...just us 3 we book it now...i was like COOOOllll yea we shud just do it! n whoever wanna come can just book their tix!
so we look for the dates...12-16th the best one..17th june is our grad we have to be ok the dates...thn al was saying 12th.hmm hey tht's ur bday stevo!..r u sure ur parents r cool???..he was like yeaaa it's my bday! yea it's fine..coz they don't do it's cool...we shud just do it thn!

i was old r u?..22 thn ok it's cool ^^ (btw since i've passed 21 i dont care about my age anymore..haha...i tot i was 22 today..but by right..i'm 23!! haha..oh well age doesn't matter anymore! i'm legal to do anything =p

rite so payment card out...we were like ok ok...lets just do it!
thn we just check in 1 luggage..but something was wrong with al said..ok lets try without any luggages check it..n it worked! haha so no check in luggage for us XD

so we paid...n yea we bought ourselves a tickets to Oslo....muwahahaha just like tht!
n thn we found's in Norway...n they use Krone s their currency...n thn we wikipedia it up..apparently it's like the highest cost of living in the europe..we looked at each oth laughed..n said crap...thn it's like 25% higher thn UK...we just laughed..haha n said great...we r goin to a place which is more expensive thn UK...brilliant!!

so thn we checked the conversation's like 10p to 1 krone..not too we checked the's like 18pounds/night we were like..ahh its fine thn....thn i said we shud hire a car.....thn we all came up with the idea of....a night in the car..a nite in the hostel to bath..n alternate...hahaha...thn we came have a tent n sleeping if the weather is good..we just camp outside!!! so i came up with the sleeping bag n said this is soo coool...thn pulak i kena cha -_- al said...gosh u're such a tom girls r actually gonna go with this idea n sleep in a tent ..i was like..whatttt i grew up with my brothers =p

anyway don't u think stuff like this r fun?? haha *posing this Q to readers*

yup so tht is how Fionna Tan ended up on a trip to Norway =DDD

hope u had a good laugh reading it!!!!

n IVY SeHoo..this post is specially for U
hehehe...wait till my jet comes...we R soo gonna do it!!!!!


Dree said...

Lol!!!Crazie!!!I like it though...haha....all the patients must have made you kinda mad already but its really the kind of stuff that I'd like to do Fio...Randomness rockz.

Fionna Tan said...


hope you're enjoying urself in Thailand!! =D

haha...yea crazee is indeed the word ^^

i told one of my working colleague, all he could say was, "that is indeed very random" haha..speechless, stunned, and takes time to comprehend XD