Monday, March 17, 2008

that is the time now that i'm typing this...just finished munching away on my cereal bar....with my eyes heavy as a tonne...my mind's just totally not up for some sleep yet

ironically tonight i was planning on getting an early rest and wakeup at 10am to go gym-ing...change of lifestyle as i mentioned when i txt-ed leslie XD

oh well..i ended reading a short chapter from the Green Book and a few chapters from the Red book XD

Green Book = The little green book of getting your way by jeffery gitomer
Red Book = Grinding it out by ray kroc

the red book it's the best ever!!!! i love his style of writing!!! The way I like it and the way I write it. Direct, straight forward, amusing, and captivating all at the same time.
not to mention inspiring!!

i've realized what it would be...how the company is gonna work out =D

rites...now i better try and get some sleep...i really need to practice a way in which i can sleep hard..just as much as i work hard and play hard...i need to sleep hard, just like ray kroc

note: for those of you who don't know who ray kroc is, it's a good thing you stumbled on my blog because, here's something to feed your general knowledge ^^
Ray Kroc = the guy who made McDonalds what it is today
Nonetheless, it was not Ray Kroc who started McD, it's the McDonald brothers who started it out, Mac & Dick.