P105: facebook & photo album

Saturday, March 1, 2008

heya mates!!!

just a quick note to let you know, i've created our own group on facebook..look me up fionna tan and than join in the group...as you know..soon we will be graduating ..so no further explanations needed

and i've also created our own photo album

password: p105rocks

so now u can upload all those pictures here ^^

becoz everytime..we take a whole lot of pictures BUT we never got it back (esp those with our faces in it)

so yea...lemme know if we need more albums for different occasion so tht i can create it =)

happy writing!!!!! XD


ti3nD said...

great to hear that!

multiply is dead. ages ago. lolz.

n i am thinking if we can put the pics up in a bulk folder (online file sharing network)n download them all in one go, that would be great too.

then we can jus share the link :P

will see how it goes.

Fionna Tan said...

yea but the thing is...they usually only last for a couple of days...unless if you can find one that last forever ^^
than by all means lemme know

but they could either upload it to the site or just put a link there =)

than won't need to upload so many times...but would really need everyone to put in their effort to upload...it's the only way to get the pictures =)