at last! - balloch

Friday, February 29, 2008

well the PMR (patient medical records) sure took me longer than I expected to finish it up!!!!

anyway before I start on my CPP --> single vessel disease...something to do with your heart..I haven't start reading yet so spare me XD

I wanna just show off some of my photos from the country walk!! Balloch is the place~
Wei Meng, Khai Yong & Xin Yin went along too...but so far I think only WM blogged it ^^ hey KY and XY if you guys blogged it, put your links down in the comment =)

Balloch Country Park: Near Loch Lomond

i just love snapping photos =)

thus i am always behind

that's the balloch castle nothing much to shout about

it just all depends on the angle you are viewing it from

squishy-squashy muddy puddy = FUN

it was a cloudy day

a beautiful & serene place for a hospice =) for's all public funded!

i might consider opening up a stall to sell my prints ^^

the walking group =D at the top

swans are just so photogenic & the way they swim airs with grace

i like this shot! VAIN haha his name is just too hard for me to pronounce =p

the first primroses = spring awaits to bloom

ahh i love the walk!! the fresh air!! the wind!! thank God for a fine weather = no rain! But wish we had a good 5mins of sun to get better pictures =D
nonetheless it was fun!! a fairly easy walk =) no stamina required

for those of you whose interested just grab a train from Queen St. £4.60 return to Balloch station and there you are =) about an hour train ride
we went to Lomond Shores as well, a nice shopping complex with a cafe overlooking the loch and a Sea World which looks pretty interesting =)