no more lectures!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

well...just to announce tht i'm officially done with all my lectures!!!!!!
no more workshops, tutorials, lectures and whatever knots!~

3 years and 3 months have gone by and I'm in my final semester of my undergrad masters =)

happy and eager yet i've already miss the life back in IMU and no doubt will miss my uni days in Glasgow as well =)

it was a heck of a roller-coaster ride!~ But nonetheless a great one =D

we took our a picture on the last day of lectures and the next last one will be the day we all graduate together...imagine that! Fionna Tan is actually going to graduate from med school with a master's of pharmacy =)
oh did i ever mention i was like in the naughtiest and nosiest and worst class when i was in primary school? was the color that brighten up my report card ^^

well well....i'm gonna be a graduate soon enough

eager and excited and the whole prospects of a new chapter of life that awaits me and of course the dash of anxiousness and doubt and worry do come along now and than =) i am human after all

below is a video that one of my batchmates did, we played it on our last day of lectures before we took the pictures...a great video!!!

btw P105-ers, do join in facebook the P105 group so that we can stay connected...and you can join in bebo to connect with the home students...most of them are on bebo...look me up at both accounts and you can link up with the rest =)

P105 rocks!~