Monday, March 24, 2008

I've grew up learning history and have ever since had a fond for it until secondary school...where they had us learning all kinds of nonsense giving history a bad name in my memory..

College came in..and I took on World History...which fascinated me but I'm bad with dates...so it's kinda tough to score in it...however a wide reading and logical argument cuts me the grade ^^

anyway I'm studying this book called Jeremiah...it's all about this guy called Jeremiah that lived centuries and centuries and centuries and ages ago

first off, it's a pretty gloomy story...and I was like ...what else is new...so I searched for a bit about this guy and found this 2 podcast about it...it's pretty good...so I'm gonna ease the task of another searcher who's intrigue by this guy called Jeremiah..and post it here =)

You can learn from Jeremiah a whole lot of stuff
Part One
Part Two

Jeremiah the prophet by Michelangelo

History only repeats itself if we allow it