time for a blog

Saturday, February 2, 2008

well...it's been quite awhile ain't it since i properly wrote something here =)

what can i say?...been really busy with 101 things going on all at the same time~ living life is such a beautiful thing ^^
you make mistakes and yet learn from them..however sometimes you don't learn that fast so you make a few more times and hopefully by now you would have learned from it ;)

life can only be good when you understand the bad...for what is there good if there is no bad?
what is happiness if there is no sadness?

anyway enough of philosophy ...the aura has just left me..haha..as now i'm chatting with my mate and doing my nails at the same time XD
wheee now i got loads of colors to play with..thanks to mummy =D

i so need some photos here...so i'll just post up a random one =D

oh oh i'll just show u a video ^^ took this while i was in Comrie

cool huh?