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Saturday, February 2, 2008

the famous loch in Scotland - Loch Katrina


Edradour - the smallest distillery in Scotland



Pepperpourri said...

Nice scenery pictures! Do post more, Fionna! Hehe.

Lim said...

Eh..wat bout LOch Ness?? catch a few Nessie's photos & post up here larh...ahaha...

Fionna Tan said...

haha will try to post up more ^^ can go to photobucket to check out more s well

welp..i havent been to loch ness yet..been to a whole lot of other lochs but not the nessy

Dree said...

Fi..nice pix....heard a lot about the lochs and how beautiful they are... can't wait to catch a glimpse with my own eyes...well...guess i can only see through the lens of your camera for now :) The picture of loch Katrina potrays a somewhat heavy mood, is it ready that gloomy there?

Fionna Tan said...

well it's Scotland =D haha

but I don't find it that gloomy because frankly the weather here doesn't really affect me that much or rather at all ^^

i kinda enjoy the weather here..well maybe cause I'm only here for like 8 months so far??...hehe but yea to some ppl the weather is depressing (or should i say the majority of ppl)

i find it quite peaceful and fun (esp with a great group of mates!)