vienna jet lounge

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

right now...

a red squarish design sofa
sony vaio laptop
on my left arm rest: a cup of Baileys on the rock
with a plus dark maroon carpet under my feet
dad and mum towards my right
dad's watching TV
mum's asleep

since i don't have my mac with me and my camera is running low on batt and that i don't have my card reader with pics for a good wee while =)

with an hour plus more to go for my boarding flight to Hamburg..i am comfortably seated in Vienna's Jet Lounge ^^ (Diner's card rocks) unfortunately I don't have it yet thus Dad had to pay 15euros for me to enter ;)

so far I have been to Hungary and Romania (ate a whole lot of food --> now I literally look fat and rounded! -_- it was like breakfast, lunch, dinner: meat meat meat meat meat AND bread bread bread AND lots lots lots of 101 other things) good food nonetheless!! Did some ministry time over there and it's really brilliant to see the people there :)

ahh tired d..shall just type later and now log on to facebook to do my replies ^^

although i'm in vienna now, I didn't do much for sight seeing and all as mum and dad wanted to do shopping..and I got a jacket from here (and also another jacket from Hungary as my yellow puffy one was torn)

my black jacket from Hungary was a ripped-off coz dad was bugging me to buy it =p than my bad for not thoroughly checking it -_- the 2 pockets had holes in them...i only realised that when i was in vienna XD it cost me 40 euros for that jacket

welp..i do need to come back to vienna to really see the sights and all...some of the food are really good around here..especially the breads..there have loads of different toppings for it..i tried austria's famous dessert...God-knows what's it called but it wasn't too nice..basically a kind of chocolate cake...didn't really like it coz it was kinda dry...the other type of chocolate cake was much better as it was moist but this was not what the austrians are proud of

met up with my friend, Sahiba Minhas..which after 4 years of not seeing each other! ...but I'd suppose both of us have not changed much :) in terms other than that I got fatter XD

It is really terrible that I don't speak German..coz that's what everyone here speaks! Hard to get by at times without having someone that speaks German -_-

Good thing I'm gonna be staying at my dad's buddy will be well taken care off and getta go around places in a car! That is like one of the most important thing especially when you can't speak the local language and people don't speak english that much!