construction - employment training

Saturday, January 12, 2008

You find that you need a career advancement or something new in your life or something to further equip you in the area of construction. What do you do?

Simple: you can always sign up for employment training.

And what is this all about??

Basically this site called Construction Skills offers you further development and training in most of the area in regards to construction. And even if you are the best in your field, if there's an area in which you can further develop than why not? Might as well be the best of the best in that area.

From apprenticeship to qualification, offers it all. So pop on over and have a look, you might just find the key to your next pay rise.

Since we are on the topic of construction, there was this point of time in which I wanted to become an architect but than it takes like 5 years to get just a qualification and a further few more years to really become a professional in it. -_-
I might as well become a doctor, so that want was quickly dropped off the list. Since I realized that I can always design something on paper and leave the technical part to the experts. ^^