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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

1) about working

- i would prefer those kia su one to register with part time agency like blue arrow, city gate right after sem6 pp3 exemption test, since alomost everyone will go register only after the final pp3 degree exam. then u can selectively choose what, where, when to work! if not, its gonna take sometime cos they cant handle so many ppl at one time. u will get more details from seniors later on.

wana some experiences about working since i hav worked here for quite sometime. damn good deal wei, 5.52 pounds (x7 = rm38+perh hr)for >22yrs, or for unlucky ones, <21>@ dont get scared by this since i already mentioned it as my worst job. later on, i went to work as general assitant to serve customer food at hewlett parkard's canteen. i worked there for 3wks. the job was simple n i get to eat very nice meals like steaks, drumsticks, fish n chips n all each day. i hav oso worked in uni's canteen, which is 2mins walk from my unit. blue arrow gave me these jobs also. so jus pray hard to get good job because u will get different jobs (plate, bar, wine, kp...) on catering each time, kp is the hardest.

my advice : work during ur september break before + after u come back from trip!!! n get part time during sem7 oso since we only have one major classtest for sem7, but gotta do research project oso. no idea about sem8 yet.

2) lifestyle

- glasgow people is very friendly!!!! gals - shopping heaven, i heard that many ppl buy clothes from primark for as low as 50p (yeah u are not gona believe it until u come here). its not like mid v or one u, u dont hav to drive to go shopping, all within WALKING distance. grocery shopping each week oso. sienz but u gona live with it. but do beware of night life here. no ideas about clubbing n bar. jus keep in mind that dont go pak toh at night, i personally think itsnt safe, unless if u are in a super big group. i myself had bad experience of being "kacau" by 2diff. gps of people on the same night. at 1030pm (that time in summer, sun hasnt set yet erh, 11of us were being chased by 4 bast*rds!) jus hate those drunk people, the rest is fine, dont worry.

for dota lovers - WOW! as long as u hav a 8ppl sharing dining room, u gotta use it during the night. clean the table n set up ur wireless(windows vista rox), 7ppl (max) sharing the dinner table, one in mini table, 2in room, jus make up 10ppl to dota together. if lazy to move out, fine, hamachi is the solution to play. ;)

3) about studies

- its gonna go WOW again! i bet u sure hear from ur seniors that sem6 is HELL. true enough. not gonna mention anymore, but one thing for sure is that u will jus want to experience it once for ur life. do work hard. beginning of sem7 is busy too, after third week very shuang liao, each week u will get 2days off depending on ur gps. sem8 tak tau yet. for ur master degree, 10% is from sem5, 10% from sem6. n do note that biopharm from sem4 take into account of the 20% too.

Min Tien