Thursday, November 15, 2007

the baby bloomers have now reach their golden years of life...

people are getting older...

people are living longer...

better health care...

better lives...

but what happens when I can't take care of myself anymore??
what happens when I need to rely on someone else??
what happens if I need to take care of someone?
how am I to cope?
to whom can I go to?
is there any help??

=) Life is not as bleak, for out of the tender hearts of people, care home have been established and developed.
Over the years, experiences have been gathered, knowledge have been found to provide you the answers you need. Thus enabling you to take better care of yourself and also be a better carer for the ones you love.

A place for you to voice out, seek help, share the love & experiences and what has worked for you, all at
It is your time to share and care.