Raya Dresscode Day~

Friday, October 19, 2007

And once again history is made =)

Our (P105) very first Raya Dresscode together with the Home students in UoS :)

Last week Shirlyn (the one in charged of dresscodes for our batch) came up with the idea of having a dresscode for our batch. Brilliant idea!! A good way to introduce a bit of our Malaysian culture to the Scottish students =)

So for those who had brought their malay traditional costumes would wear it and for those who did not have it, they can apply the color code that was selected. The colors as you might notice would be green, yellow and black (for the benefit of everyone ;)

It turned out great! As most of the students participated in the event and Shirlyn did a great job on presenting what is Raya all about :)

Everyone did a great job in dressing up to the selected colors!! Although it was pretty last minute as we only announced it day before. Nonetheless, some even managed to wear on both colors! =)

Till our next dresscode~