P105: 4th year social nite

Friday, October 26, 2007

welp your long awaited social event is coming to past at last ^^

proposed date: 30th Nov (day we hand up our intro) or 17th Dec (after class test)
venue: chaplaincy (free ^^) hopefully we can get it
time: 7:30pm - 12 (free to leave anytime)

how is it gonna be?
Thinking of getting a bouncy castle than pure socializing..maybe 2 presentations (one from IMU and the other from home students)

cook or cater

your own booze if you want to (apparently no booze = no party for the ppl here =p

Just a simple 10mins to get everyone warmed up and start mingling.

Feedback and suggestions are highly welcome!~ We need it.
Those who like to help out, highly appreciated too!! ^^