a whole saturday to myself!!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

now i'm stuffed to the brim!!!!!!!

wish mummy was here ...so that I can tell her that I'm hungry and I need food =D

i had my lunch cum dinner: a bowl of pasta + lettuce + carrots + raisins + 1 sausage + 1 burger slice + apricots with mayo & herbs = YUMMY

i was hungry...but lazy...had some biscuits but still hungry..so I had no choice but to whipped up something to eat!! PF is in Dundee now & Alicia went out...so there goes the both of them =) who would happily feed me..haha =p
can't believe how lazy i am to get food...it's like if i ain't starving I won't bother myself with the hassle..thts why I need food to be in the fridge XD so i can just pop it into the ever useful microwave!

so today with mum & dad in Bora - Bora in the Sun..I'm here in my room with a cooling weather and a wet one too =)
heya mum dad, if you're reading this: buy something for me..dunno what though...haha

surfing round the net..pimping up my mac a bit...browsing through some photoshop plugins...getting new brushes...and now I'm so stuffed up -_- should not have put so much pasta in! mmm -_- being so stuffed up its not that fun...oh! I need to post up some pics soon ^^

a lovely day indeed! just one day of chilling out & than next week onwards my work starts!!
the seagulls are really noisy and annoying over here..making all sorts of sounds...eish
ahh but anyway...I am still fulll!!!


ok..after a walk seeing what my flatmates were all doing.. now i'm not so stuffed up anymore..
alright gonna watch a movie and get a bit of work done!