Friday, September 28, 2007

today is the first day of sem 7!!!

just two more semesters and I'm done with Uni!!! XD

just like every first day of the semester...they always try to scare you to work harder and all...usually works for the first hour or so..later on it just zonks through your brain.

welp I got my Research Project for my final year ..what is it about?
No idea...haven't read it through yet..but below is the general description given to me..you can read it..and if you have any good clues about what is going on...you can proceed on to tell me all about it :) Would love to hear your ideas about! =p

Dr Sandy Gray

Project Title: Drug Discovery from Natural Sources

Project Description
Many of today’s prescription medicines are based on plant-derived ‘lead’ natural products. However, only a small proportion of plants/herbal/traditional medicines have so far been investigated thoroughly for their chemical constituents and tested for their biological activity. Many potentially useful natural products remain to be discovered. The purpose of this project is to attempt to isolate some extracts/fractions/pure compounds of selected plants. This will be carried out using a range of chromatographic separation methods and identification techniques. If you have a burning desire to investigate a particular herbal remedy please let me know. The work may be linked to some of your other colleagues doing bioassays.

Natural Products Isolation, 2nd Edition, 2006, S.D. Sarker, Z. Latif & A.I. Gray, Eds, Humana Press. FMT-1 and Advanced drug discovery course notes.

Hah! apparently i had the wrong topic up here. XD

There are about 200 odd students in my batch now ...which basically comprise of the Scottish students and us, the IMU students =)

Pretty much excited that class have started ..quite eager to get it going ^^
First day of class and we are slap with 60pounds (i need to find that sign and stick it somewhere -_-) for our PHOTOCOPIED class notes!!!
It's nutz! the amount of money that they are making out of these class notes -_-

anyway i've decided to join the gym this semester ^^ so well-toned body here I come!!!
hopefully I can get some Sat job which pays like 7 or 8 pounds/hr :D

the buzz is back~