Home Improvement

Monday, September 17, 2007

Anyone still remembers the show Home Improvement? Starring Tim Allen & his pal Al (don't know his real name =p
Man I used to love that show!!!! It's not showing anymore now but I would always catch the show at the appointed time...can't remember why though...haha now thinking about it I wonder why I liked it.. XD

Welp today, I shall introduce to you a website which features Home improvements
it's called Anglian...funny name though XD but nonetheless it's quite established and they offer pretty good stuff along with it =)

from windows to conservatories and driveways to kitchens ^^

need an expert or someone to just give some input on what to do with the house to make it YOUR house than this is a good place to check it out =D

top it off they have a free phone in which you can call in for further details. I always like the idea of free phone. Why? It simply shows that you value your customers, more often than not when you a make a call, you'll always have to wait. Plus now you (the customer) have already shown interest in their product, the least they could do is to offer a free phone ^^

mmm browsing through the site, they have lots of different type of driveways to suite the different taste of the people. Can't wait till I have my own house ^^

even if you don't intend to buy anything...just browse through to gain some ideas of what you can do with your home next time :)


khaiyong said...

haha damn random!

Fionna Tan said...

haha i get paid..who cares =p

check this