Monday, September 17, 2007

welp after a FEW emails of invites to facebook...i have succumb to it =p

plus the fact that in UK facebook apparently is quite popular and friendster is practically an unknown thing ...

everybody seems to have a facebook account ...so i might as well just join in and get my blog promoted at the same time ^^

today i managed to get myself a black collar 3/4 long sleeve shirt and a black doll shoes... -_- took me like 2hours plus to get these two items....that's the problem with shopping for something specific...makes it soo not fun when you want something but there are constrains to it..

reason for getting it? WORK
they wanted everything black...so I had to get a pair of black shoes..got the doll shoes cause it was the cheapest XD only £4 ..I actually wanted a pair of Reiker shoes...cost about £39.90 but cant get a fitting size...
I need a good pair of shoes after all :) too much walking over here & rain

oh well...thn now i can buy another pair of leather shoes ^^ since I didnt get that pair of Reiker haha but not anytime soon though...pretty much sick of shopping...I don't fancy looking for things...exhausting & boring...shall just casually browse and if I find anything that suits & a good buy than I'll buy it...since I'll be needing another pair of sports shoes soon..my Fila is worn out...darn thing the Fila over here is LIMITED to the max...nothing nice to pick from...come to think of it...not much choice of nice sports shoes...they have a lot of those standard white based shoes with designs on it and stuff...ones which you can get from China Town in Kuala Lumpur for only RM50 or RM60 (less than £10) XD not much diff in quality ^^

that's why i wanna get those leather type of shoes...they have loads of good design for those over here =D

next post..my mind is on something else