Museum of Transport, Glasgow

Monday, July 16, 2007

We went to quite a few places as part of our Glasgow city tour =)

First stop intended was the Museum of Transport, Glasgow It's a rather fascinating place, even for non-motor lovers. ^^ So why did I use the word intended?...hehe cause all of us were distracted by the shops and our first stop ended up in charity shops which sells pretty good stuff at a reasonable price =) or maybe even CHEAP for some items.

They have quite a good number of charity shops around here, which is good cause you can buy pretty cheap stuff from there. Some of them are brand new items while some are worn a couple of times. People donate their stuff here and the shop sorts it out and sell it.

By the way, just for your info I don't necessarily blog immediately after my trips cause time is just not at my free dispense at the moment =)

So during this day out, we also went to the Kelvingroove museum, which is really good XD Fionna Tan and museums doesn't seem to go along that well...haha but hey! My day out with the dean also ended up in the museums (his quest of trying to educate me seems well enough haha)

Here are just some pictures in which I took, click here to see more pictures!

Noah's Ark

Scotland Yard XD

funny looking car