Life without MY mac-ky

Saturday, June 16, 2007

i wonder how my life will be that my mac is gone...
will i ever survive the surreal life without it...
will i make it through....
how fondly i have grown towards it
how attached i have become
i will survive
and i must
for one day we will soon meet again!
XD mac's in the workshop...gotta get some parts replaced...all thanks to the Malaysian efficiency that now i have to live without it for like 2 weeks!!!!!!!!
so yea..will try my level best to get connected...with alicia's (hsemate) laptop..coz she studies more than she use the I of course am the direct opp. of tht ^^ which is to my advantage...but anyway..this laptop (using her's now) lags really's a toshiba satellite M100, running on a Vista = lag tremendously!
Vista takes up way tooo much ram & graphics space. -_- Unless your lappie is equipped enough..don't bother using it. XP works best if your specs aren't too good.