First Day of Class in UoS

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Typed: Mon, 11th June 07 begin with’s lab day = lab coat needed...and unfortunately I left mine back in KL...brilliant!

and yes julian you’re right...I did leave something behind =P

but anyway thank God.... yesterday I was in a frantic search for one...well frantic would be over exaggerated... hehe... well I went over to the seniors, as they were having BBQ outside my place and managed to get one with a goggle too!! Thanks Kelvin!! =)

First day of class was pretty alright. Kinda sleepy as the lectures are pretty much sleep inducing!

My time table -->
Mon, Wed, Fri = pure labs from 9 to 5 only 1 hour break
Tue & Thu = pure lectures from 9 to 5 only 2 hours break

yup so that’s my study life in UoS =)
unfortunately library during the summer closes at 5 and opens at 9. So won’t be using the library at all -_- what a bummer!

Got no socializing place for free now

I should have brought my digicam out to class cause our FMT (don’t know what it means yet haha) lecturer was COOL. He was wearing jeans, a denim jacket with long wavy hair. Looks like a rider to me. ^^ His initial briefing was boring can’t help but fall asleep than later on he started I was more awake than XD

During my FMT lab just now...I had to stripe my cloths off with only my undies and put on a suit, which makes me look like I’m dealing with some hazardous chemical equipment..boring lab...all I did was just place the glass ampoules onto the machine and watch it being filled with sodium chloride and my partner, Anson took it off the machine and place it into the basket and click on the counter button at the same time.
What the machine did was just simply, fill up the ampoules and than let it run through two flames and than it sorta like nicely pulls the extra glass off under the heat while the ampoules are being spun round. The spinning is done so that it has a nice round shape and it has a better safety measure.

oh skype’s working and so is my messenger..whooo hooo!!!
thanks to authoxy! Brilliant software for mac users. Read up It enables you to bypass those proxy stuff in Uni, workplace and all. Authoxy ROCKS!!!

So for this topic...that should be it!

I will wanna write something else, as soon as I can get my pictures off my digicam cause I think I drop my card reader -_- in the airport as they required us to take our laptop off the bag completely! Troublesome!!!