Wednesday, June 4, 2008

one of the beaches during our Inverness trip

journey to Inverness

hahaha this is exactly how I'm feeling now

done with my VIVA and thank GOD it went quite alright I'd suppose...since I could answer most of the Qs except for one ^^


muwahahaha FIONNA TAN is back to enjoying her routine-less roller-coaster!!!!

*i gotta admit that I look cheeky* muwahaha


polarbear dancing network said...

hey...Im Mark( khai xian ) from Malaysia!!! Still rmemeber me or not?? How are you going on!!! Good to see having a big smile on your face in the picture!!! I would like to thankz you for putting me "under" your dad. He really taught me many things and Im glad that you've brought me to S.E!! I still remember the first time I know you was in my uncle house .That time we were having durian party and you've invited me to youth!!! Thankz agian and take carez~~~