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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

one of d random pics taken just last week during the Ceilidh

been quite awhile now since i last blog proper!!!

well...just in case some of you might have not known just yet..i got selected for viva XD
good? bad?
just pray that I get an upgrade...not thinking about it too much

been living a routine-less life! after months of studying my brain needs to recoup ^^

loads of random night outs...doing crazee and wacky stuff

below would be an example of my life recently:-

yesterday night...went to Tesco Extra at 1am to buy food for BBQ but than it was raining so we ended up buying food for the oven...went back about 2plus or 3ish...started cooking pizza and eating and drinking XD
oh we baked a whole chicken as well...so we had a supper cum breakfast = supfast

one of the days last week, decided to go to the Botanical Garden at 2am in the morning. So 3 of us buddies went at 12pm after our sleep of course!~ weather was GRRRReat!!! Loads of photos taken, shall post it up soon enough...normality has not return to my life XD

some where along the days...we went for a night walk about 45mins to an hour walk away...and than back...photos shall be up soon as well ^^

oh my whole june is completely booked up
Oslo, Norway: 12th - 16th
Palma Mallorca, Spain: 19th - 27th
Grad Ball: 17th

I think that there's only 1 or 2 days that are completely empty...and those days I shall need to upload pictures and stuff XD

It's gonna be 3am soon...I think I need some sleep
tomorrow I shall need to revise for my viva and than play bball and than one of my buddies are coming over...oh BOY!~