1 yr of life packed up

Saturday, June 7, 2008

desktop worth: Glasgow (one of the parks and many walks taken)

1 year has come to an end
...today would be last night here in JBC
my small lil' room...
from nothing-ness to Fionna's Room
and now...packing it all up

how time flew by
there were moments that seemed like an eternity
and yet eternity seemed like a moment

my flatmates...whom I've been staying for a year
will no longer be my flatmates anymore
and to them I'm grateful for being such great flatmates
putting up with my insane doings at times
with the it's just Fionna to tell themselves that it's alright

people i've come to known
people i've come to love

sleep is knocking
but yet I do not wish to answer
for by doing so ....the night might seemed just a bit longer
to savor the last few hours that i have left

it's remarkable how life could change another
without knowing
without exception
paths intertwine

to the best flatmates that I could ever have
simply because I won't be staying in a flat anymore! haha
and would not trade anyone else for either one of YOU

my academic life have at long last come to an end
a big huge chunk of a chapter coming to an end
graduation awaits me
by His grace I graduate
I can only be awed

letting moments sink in...
till I type again ...not in JBC anymore