it's thursday~

Thursday, May 15, 2008

mouse bro.

well....3 exams are done..and i've got 3 more to i've gotta resit PP3 -_-

time is really flying pass by....
first it was exams a long way more
than arghhh only a day left
than argghh...i'm sitting for the exams...

than to do??

than arghhh...what on earth are those ppl writing about???
got so much to write r???

today it's thursday....i'm not too bothered to be in the library the fact that my buddy won't be lagi no motivation to go...

you know what i miss?
i miss talking in the malaysian slang where i can just joke easily and pull off a laugh from the i gotta change my slang...adopt a different way of speaking....a bit difficult as smooth as i want it to be...but maybe a little while longer...i'll just get the whole drift of conversing in ENGLISH!~

it's 12:20 noon ...
i went to work this's a brilliant job! thank GOD for it!!!
i get paid to talk...a whole whopping £12/hr for 2 hours and than an hour for prep work...which thanks to my experiences prep needed for me...muwahaha
the last session of this mentor thing ends next thursday...i wonder how am i gonna wake up!! as wed is my last paper..muwahahahahahaha

i don't expect to be in bed till at least 4 or maybe 5am?!!? haha CAN'T WAIT

3 weeks of just wayyyy toooooo long....fatigue sets in....boredom sets in....can't be bothered sets in....SIGH...

than just now i got a phone interview...a part time job for 3 months....ideally starts in mid July...than it's perfect!~ i get paid like £7.94/hr ^^
21hours/ week ...3 months
ka-ching ka-ching ka-ching!!!!
in total i get like £2k whoooo hoooo
convert to RM wah sei...kaya sial

mmm...pray that i get something like £8/hr or more and in the city centre so i can just walk to work...hmm that is just brilliant beyond words!!
welp God grants the desires of my heart =)

hopefully my norway trip gets pulled off as a lil problemo since stevo's family booked him a graduation cum bday holiday ...ka-dish...tsk tsk...we'll see we'll see
and than my road trip plan gets pulled off too...

hmm anyway...thinking of going to Uzbek...Germany...Czech...before i head on expires in latest tht i'll be in UK would be Oct....than I need to get my butt out...drop by a few places...than home sweet home...KL my city my I come!!!

i nearly forgot how much i miss my ppl back home!!
till one of my buddies emailed me....i shed a tear and nearly ended up crying! haha XD

but i'm still not sure yet whether i'll come back to UK or not...God has still yet to open the door for till than...KL it is =D

I've got sooo many things planned up to do when I get back...I've grown up!
Learned a whole lot of stuff..
I must get some time aside to write down all the things that I've learned and the things that God has brought me through =)
I wrote some amazing stuff...unfortunately i think i deleted it...ka-dish...

keep me in your prayers!!! that i'll graduate with a masters degree!!!
just want to graduate...not bothered with titles anymore...would be nice to have it...but it doesn't matter in my life...i know where i'm going...i just want the title for fun anyway XD

i think i best get a nap...or study...nap sounds better =)

parties parties parties parties....


jen said...

ah, few more days only...tahan tahan! haha.. eh, u exam still working ah? hebatnya... where did u find such high paid job?! 12/hr? wow~

Im doing fine here, but can feel that time really flies! 13 days more and i'll be in scot! :D

Fionna Tan said...

[jen] danke!~
haha only bout 4hours per week...including traveling time and all..not too bad la...furthermore the job is peanuts to me...^^

will see u soooon =D