Thursday, April 3, 2008

today shall be my last day of staying up...not by choice but simply cause I need to hand up this dissertation (can't believe my bro actually turned the word into --> dessert tasting paper haha) on Fri so Thu which is today shall be my last...and I'm done with Uni assignments FOR LIFE!

i'd suppose i'm bound to miss it sometime...but not anytime soon XD

extremities in life are never good...you're tipping the balance...and in life there must always be a balance...eat too much of carrots and you'll turn yellow...

today or rather yesterday (today to me..becoz as long as i haven't sleep the day is not complete) I've got quite a few enquiries...
some were anticipated
some were shocking
some were so-so
some were more than welcomed

within 3 days 2 extremities landed...
it's true what my pastor told me, life is simple when you just follow God's way..it only gets complicated when you want your way

ahh i know how complicated life can be...or so it appears and feels...been there, done that...and after having a tug-of-war...it's best to just do it God's way =)

there are lots of things that i don't know in life...but it's always the simplicity in it that i enjoy most =)

having a laugh with a wacky buddy in which you know you won't recall what was the laughter all about
seeing someone smile at you
seeing a baby laugh because you made him/her laugh
saying whoo hooo
being with buddies
being with family
and etc etc etc (i can't think up of anything for now..haha)

oh btw I got my new watch!!! whooo hoooo
Fossil =D
the one I've eyed and like
dark brown leather..super cool ..haha
post up a picture next time ^^
btw much appreciated Al for driving me there haha


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