coming towards the end of uni life

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

well...this week is my last week for my research project...and heck i'm way far from finishing... XD

haha alicia was saying, I've never been so last minute before in my entire uni life haha quite the less opposite...simply because there's just so much life to do apart from Uni =p

anyway it's not that i want to be so last minute at times....there are days in which i've sat down and nothing it's not my fault XD

unworthy tears of stress and frustration
nonsensical headaches which forces me to turn in
mental blockages which can't be accepted
tireless eye movements
over-clocking of body system

this is my work dock cum mac dock cum my life
ok this look pretty sad...haha...but normally it would look way better XD...and yes my breakfast lunch dinner tea = a red packet of biscuits ...oh wait there's more just for today

haha yup that's life ^^
smoky cheddar cheese and red wine =D

nice touch to a highly stress induced life?....haha...well well....back to enjoying.................*grins* just a lil while more ..and I'll be fine