P105: Pharmacy Annual Gathering

Friday, March 21, 2008

Dear P105-ers,

Our junior from P106, Ka Keat, has instigated an event called Pharmacy Annual Gathering back in IMU on the 31st March 08.
P107 and B106, will be organizing this event. They have invited us to be present via live video conferencing.
Event starts at 7:30pm - 10:30pm, as for live video conferencing, it is scheduled be to at 9:00pm Malaysian time.

So for those of you who are keen to be on it, come to my flat at 12:50 noon time. All are invited. Whoever has an extremely long lan cable, let me know, cause I'll be bringing my laptop out to the hall.

Purpose for this event: to foster closer ties between all the batches of pharmacy and also it is a time where the juniors bid their farewell to the seniors =)

It would be fun =D

Date: 31st March 08
Time: 12:50 noon
Venue: Fionna's flat


ti3nD said...

oimeh??? hahahaha..

damn cun larh our juniors...haha.

mayb i can help u with d lan cable. wil let u noe then.

Fionna Tan said...

we all better =p

haha n thts coz it's simply P105 rocks

cool..will def. need a lan cable tht's tht long

spread d word round too so tht they can come ovr...

everyone bring some snacks too wud be great hehehe