one meal a day.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rites, first off I really need to get into the habit of early to bed and early to rise...BECAUSE pimples are popping up on my forehead!!!! And I only get that when I don't have enough sleep -_-

This would be a good enough reason for me to change my sleeping habits simply because pimples are soooo ANNOYING.

Anyway today we, (ste, al & myself) had curry chicken with noodles and some random desert =D

Why one meal a day?

Cause I woke up like 12 plus or 1 hehe..than look up the map to See Woo, the place is great! They even have got durians!!! I miss durians! ahh they are heavenly I say!!! XD
Anyway, this place is like an oriental hypermarket, they smell like those warehouses back home..with all the chinese-ty stuff ^^

so off we See Woo..spent like probably an hour there, checking out all the various stuff...I am MISSING OUT on so MUCH FOOD here -_-
but thank God I don't have insane cravings for it XD

oh yea..mental note: Al's car has mold in it..but he claims it's ice-cream

i was totally starving by we started off cooking when we came back...than had those random deserts ...than sui gao!!! haha...i made 2 batches cause all of us were starving...relatively simple...just had to steam it ^^

prior to that we were preparing the stuff for the curry chicken....Al was chomping up the potatoes with a clever, which is pretty can see by the way he chops it, he's not used a clever before..haha..anyway we had loads of good laughters

nonetheless...we chucked everything in...put in the curry sauce...and Al was seriously doubting
that we can cook a chicken with boiling water...Ste was like anything goes a typical westerner and the other an adventurer =p
welp no potential chefs here...haha...I on the other hand inherited the genes XD

was suppose to take some photos but we were all too by the time we were eating half-way..the food is far beyond looking presentable
only one decent picture which is ste pausing for the camera...Al was just busy gobbling up the food =p

so by the time we finished it was about 7 plus = one meal a day.

oh yea some of the random dessert includes: japanese cheesecake, red bean rice cake, lou poh pang (wife cake)

i am suppose to be finishing up my introduction for my research project XD which is about 3000 words...I've only got 65 words now: ka-dish

*btw I just realized how did ppl place their pictures here and there..just use the no layout option hahaha i was wondering how do i do that! Now I'm still figuring out how do use expand the text, it's too narrow ..I want the full page on the website..not just a centralized bar...did I loose you there?


Anonymous said...

nice-looking food and bfs...

Fionna Tan said...

talk about random...