d magic elixir

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

*^^ thks G for fixing the picture

Anyway, this past few days I have turned nocturnal and sleeping at 5 or 6am in the morning...yea it's the time of the year, where I'm packed up with assignments..

I think this semester is the worst in assignment terms, but than again, there are others who've already finished XD
well I had to do a resit for a paper, PP3 (pharmacy practice 3) which is totally irrelevant to my future nor my degree...but fortunately or unfortunately I still need to pass it XD
that was the reason, Alicia told me why we didn't manage to finish our assignments earlier..haha

oh well..back to the magic elixir ...yea none other than panax ginseng!~
been keeping me alive these few days, with the lil sleep I'm getting

plus i was working yesterday and today ^^
was brilliant though, i love conferences and events...i just simply love the buzz of it
although it's tiring but it's fun at the same time =D
unlike my studies, which in Fionna's term is life draining =p

it's my last semester after all...the last time I'm gonna be studying for exams in a University!!!! No more lectures!!!! At least in the context of Uni ^^
excited & eager to see what awaits me
but yet i'm enjoying it all at the same time!!!! Not so much on studying though but the ppl and things that are involved in it =)
that was what kept me at Uni after all..the people..the things that I was doing :D
if it was just for the sake of the degree, i would have left loooong time ago...I don't need a degree to do what I wanna do, though it helps I must say

I think my magic elixir is wearing off on it's effect...I'm getting sleepy!!