Tuesday, March 4, 2008

clinical pharmacology & prescribing....maybe I got the name wrong...but not bothered by it now

i'm one day behind my schedule of getting this essay done -_-
it's just taking sooo long~
the more i read and the more i do it, the more annoyed I get...

i wonder what's taking my brain cells to get working up there....hmmm....
*grunts grunts grunts*

oh well...i wonder if i ever will miss this part of Uni life??...who knows ...maybe I will...XD

breathing breathing breathing

with a hot cup of green tea, sitting on my desk
music playing on my itunes
the soft tones of incandescent lights
the smooth black matte

a time for everything
chocolates, crackerbreads, pringles
imaginary skipping
the sun the beach the sea
life underwater
colors winds snow

it's time to get back to my work....