Tuesday, February 26, 2008

now..i just feel like writing...typing...blogging...

basically penning down or rather etching or probably digitalizing my thoughts..

through writing you discover someone you never knew
but yet again...a certain weight must be given to circumstances and factors that influence the writer

Random thoughts....
I find that basically I have 3 things in life in which I love doing
- being in the great outdoors
- creating
- chilling with the people I love
....Random thoughts

Random thoughts....
to find one that understands
to find one that listens

to be one that understands
to be one that listens

to find one that laughs
to find one that cries

to be one that laughs
to be one that cries
....Random thoughts

Random thoughts....
I never did truly understood
The seasons in life
When people come in
When people go out
Till Daddy told me

Sometimes their season is just up
They may leave nicely
or they may not leave nicely
But we gotta learn to understand that
their season is up
their time is up
It's time for us to move on
And not hold a grudge
To have a broader view of things
.....Random thoughts

Random thoughts.....
I just realize...balancing is one of the hardest thing to do physically and in life
It's just so easy to sway one way and go to the extreme
Yet to be in balance is the key

God knew that
Thus He provided a way for us to be in balance
Not by our own
For life is not meant to be lived alone
.....Random thoughts

The cool breeze brushes my face, as I lie comfortably on my soft comfy pillows. Snuggled up in my soft comfy duvet, with the super soft micro fleece as my bed spread. Pondering on my thoughts of the past, present and future...
Thinking and wondering but with assurance and peace for He knows what is best for me.
Smiling silly when memories bring me back
Grinning happily when dreams bring me forward

Indeed you are right my friend, I have indeed changed a lot. But the core of me has only grown stronger in the same forward direction...